Quality you can depend on

Quality assurance is at the heart of our brand. We created and tested a reliable quality assurance system that prevents mistakes, addresses problems, and ensures consistency. You can depend on us to do it right.

How do we guarantee quality throughout the supply chain?

Annual audits by 3rd parties

We believe that food safety & consistency is something we care deeply about. That’s why we have our products and processes checked by 3rd party specialists every year. In order to provide the best quality possible and prevent risk- based food safety standards, Farzana has been certified under HACCP and ISO-22000:2005.

Around-the-clock internal audits

We do our best to leave no room for error and increase precision. To do this, we have hired food safety specialists and managers to execute food safety programs at our distribution centers and production facilities. Our team provides essential training to employees, ensures consistent execution of the food safety programs, and works to improve accountability at every step of the supply chain.

Keeping track of our suppliers

We have strict standards for the companies that do business with us. We only source from growers who meet our exacting standards for the hygiene, production, employee responsibility, control of foreign material, quality management, consistency, and traceability.

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