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Farzana is a family-owned wholesaler & distributor aiming to bring the freshest fruits, vegetables, poultry, grains, and food products from farms around the world to leading supermarkets and distributors across the globe. Today, we are a multinational organization, operating in the UAE, Africa, and Asia, as well as some parts of Europe and North America. Our vision is to continue expanding globally and operate in every country around the world.

Enriching lives
through food

The idea of Farzana was born from a simple, yet powerful goal - Enriching the lives of others through food and making it accessible to everyone, all around the globe - an idea that originated from the heart, and is now serving the whole world with passion.

Fresh, healthy
food for all

The way we see it, getting healthy food is a fundamental human need and should be available to everyone. This is why we strive to stay true to our values - delivering top-quality produce at a fair price. And work towards making a difference through our CSR programs.

Mohammed Al-Sharif

Founder – Farzana Trading LLC

We believe good food is essential to feeding the world in a healthy and sustainable way. From our growers to our customers and employees, we believe in being a force for good in the world.

Every year, millions of individuals suffer from foodborne diseases, and providing safe food is a challenge for everyone involved in the supply chain. Keeping the public safe from food illness takes a collaborative effort between farmers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. After all, every consumer has a stake in how their food is grown, how it's processed, and even how it makes its way onto their plates.

At Farzana, we don't take these challenges lightly.

We have an ethical responsibility to you, our people, and the planet to ensure that the food we provide is safe, good, and available to everyone. Fundamentally, this is who we strive to be as a company.

Exploring the world, one bite at a time

We’re on a mission to explore unique flavors and ingredients from around the world, investing in local, sustainable food & creating culinary adventures that can’t be replicated.

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