Find fresh ingredients and ideas

We make it easy for you to find fresh food and ideas. We work with a network of growers around the world, which gives us a wide selection of food products for you to choose from.

We’re offering excellent produce, premium cuts of meat, and foods from around the globe. Our network of specialty suppliers works perfectly with your food needs.

Our products


We source from the best and want you to have a taste of nature. We’re specializing in seasonal, organic, exotic and local fruits and vegetables. Our produce comes in different varieties in whole or prepped form.

Meat & poultry

Our high-grade meat and poultry are carefully selected to ensure that the best quality is delivered to you. It is naturally lean, succulent, and packed with flavor. All of our products are certified halal, without the use of steroids or any other growth enhancers. These are air-shipped to ensure that you have the freshest offerings at all times.

Frozen foods

High-grade frozen food that undergoes a rigorous pre-treatment  and freezing process, making it the perfect solution for retailers who require flexibility and diversity in their shelves, with no compromise in quality.

Fresh eggs

Bring home the best eggs around. Our farm-fresh super value eggs are packed with protein, nutrients, and Grade A taste. They’re ideal for baking, frying, scrambling, and all your other favorite recipes.

Oils and fats

We’ve done extensive testing on our blends to optimize the ingredients, flavors, and performance by frying, sauteing, and baking. Each of our oils brings unique tastes and performance properties to any dish.

Shelf foods

The shelf foods in our collection have been specifically designed to meet modern food safety standards. All of which can be stored at room temperatures and still maintain their quality, texture, and taste with no extra preservatives required.

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