Join our movement to fight against world hunger.
Here’s how and why we do it

For many of us, food has become the focal point of our lives. We associate the blissful feeling that comes with eating something delicious or putting our cooking skills to the test with warmth and happiness

But for the other 800 million around the world who go to bed hungry every night, food is about survival

Here’s what we’re fighting against

1 in 9

1 in 9

People around the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy and active life

149 million


People around the world have no access to safe drinking water

149 million

Children under 5 were estimated to suffer from stunted growth and delayed development due to poor nutrition, high exposure to disease, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation

When people have access to healthy food, they are able to live better, fuller lives and contribute to the development of their nation

At Farzana, we don't take these challenges lightly

We have an ethical responsibility to the people and the planet to ensure that the food we provide is safe, good, and available to everyone. Fundamentally, this is who we strive to be as a company.

Here’s how we make a difference

1 million apple’s donated

To the UAE's "10 Million Meal Initiative, " a program that supplied food support to families and individuals affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to widespread job loss and a decrease in financial security.

Collaboration with food banks all around the globe

For over 55 years, we've been working together with other food banks as part of our corporate social responsibility program focused on fighting against world hunger. Through donations of both healthy meals and money, we periodically distribute food to the homeless, refugees, and other hungry families around the world.

Sustainable sourcing

We believe in supporting relationships that put people first. We source from suppliers who use sustainable practices, are socially aware and responsible, consistently care about forming strong relationships with their community, employees, and are environmentally conscious.

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