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Farzana is a market-leading fruits and vegetables importer, exporter and distributor in the UAE with a multinational presence and partners, serving high-volume customers across retail, food service, manufacturing, and distribution.

Explore an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, high-grade frozen meats, poultry, and imported foods, offering a world-class culinary selection.

Experience the finest offerings from nature, all conveniently available under one roof. From a diverse selection of fresh fruits and vegetables to premium meats and canned products, we are your ultimate food service supplier.

Exploring the world,
one bite at a time

As a reputable fresh fruits, vegetables, and frozen foods supplier in the UAE, we are dedicated to uncovering unique flavors and ingredients from diverse corners of the world. Committed to sustainability and supporting local produce, we offer an exclusive array of food selections that are unparalleled and simply unforgettable.

Bringing fresh and frozen food excellence to your business!

Our Expertise


Farzana excels as importers of superior fresh and frozen produce. Sourcing the finest global fruits and vegetables, we guarantee unparalleled quality for an exceptional culinary experience. Trust us for excellence in every bite.


Farzana boasts an extensive distribution network, catering to diverse needs. Our wholesale channel ensures businesses have bulk access to top-tier produce. With seamless re-export solutions, we navigate international markets for expanded reach. In the culinary industry, our food service channel delivers excellence 24/7. Additionally, we supply to various retail channels and markets, ensuring widespread availability of our premium products.



Our e-commerce solutions empower your brand and products by providing a seamless platform for customers to explore and purchase from the convenience of their homes or business.

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Uncompromising quality is our top priority

As the foremost food distributor, we acknowledge the weight of our role and uphold it with utmost dedication. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through a rigorous Quality Assurance program, encompassing continuous plant audits, thorough inspections, and meticulous product evaluations. Rest assured, we maintain the highest standards to keep your food fresh, safe, and of the finest quality.

Delivering confidence, every time

We believe in delivering your produce right on time, every time. As a prominent fruits & vegetable food service supplier in the UAE, we reinforce this commitment by investing in our own logistics and distribution system, which consists of over a 250+ fleet of climate-controlled reefer trucks, and a 33,000+ metric ton storage capacity. We handle every aspect of the process – from meticulous picking to the efficient and timely delivery of your produce.

We're committed to making a difference

As a reputable importer and distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables, and frozen goods in the UAE, our dedication to shaping a better world for our customers, employees, community, and environment defines our core values. We are resolute in our commitment to contribute positively by investing in food banks and charities worldwide that are actively making a difference.

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